Kristen Brevik – Fargo – contact

Kristen Brevik was born and raised in Wahpeton, North Dakota.  She graudated from high school and attended the North Dakota State College of Science in Wahpeton.  During that time she showed leadership in being a resident assistant and the student senate president.  She also received the honor of being the 2009 International Year of Astronomy Ambassador for North Dakota.  Kristen had the opportunity to travel the state of North Dakota and promote astronomy to schools, clubs, school administrators, and community members.

She transferred to the Minnesota State University in Moorhead, Minnesota to pursue a degree in physics.  After graduation, she was hired at the North Dakota State College of Science to help with logistics and outreach.  She also decided to further her education and is currently a graduate student at the University of North Dakota in Chemical Engineering.  Her master’s thesis will be focused on infusing STEM and 21st Century Skills in middle schools across North Dakota.  She has presented on topics in nanoscience and STEM education at national conferences over the past year.

Scarlet Gray Bernard – Fargo – contact

Scarlet Gray Bernard has a dream job in a planetarium, touring the universe with children and organizing fun events like “(Hitchiker’s) Guide to the Galaxy” and “Favorite Planet Competition.”  She has been a part-time Planetarium Assistant at the Minnesota State University-Moorhead Planetarium since 2006, with previous planetarium experience at Valley City State University.  Scarlet has also managed to instill a love for astronomy in her two young boys, who help inspire posts for her blog Astronomommy. was created to help parents and teachers find ideas for astronomy activities for children, and she looks forward to expanding on this theme as a Solar System Ambassador.

Katrina Jackson – Grand Forks – contact

Katrina Jackson is currently a graduate student in the Space Studies Masters program at the University of North Dakota.  She obtained her undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Arizona, taking classes in planetary science, astronomy, media arts, and theatre arts.  She has interned in astronomy education at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, and at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s Office of Communications.

Katrina loves to engage the general public about space and our solar system.  She is especially interested in science communication through video and television.  Katrina hopes to study science media production at the Imperial College London.

Carrie Leopold – West Fargo – contact

Carrie Leopold received her undergraduate degree from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 2004 in Biology and her Master’s in Education from the University of Mary in 2010.  She worked in a research lab for two years before deciding to pursue her passion for education.  She has taught in public education as well as informal settings and has been involved with summer camps for teachers and students for the past eight years.  Currently, she is pursuing her PhD in Educational Research with a focus in girls in STEM at the University of North Dakota and working as the STEM Outreach Coordinator for the North Dakota State College of Science.

Carrie’s work in STEM has awarded her the Director’s Excellence Award for Nontraditional Education from the North Dakota Department of Career and Technical Education.  She is the director for GUESS (Girls Understanding and Exploring STEM Stuff) project and the project lead for the Great Plains Girls Collaborative at the North Dakota State College of Science, which brings together girl-serving organizations around the region.

Annie Wargetz – Grand Forks – contact

Annie Wargetz is a life-long space enthusiast who has a passion for getting the public and all those around her as excited about space exploration as she is.  Annie speaks French and Spanish and also trained to be an opera singer in high school.  After graduating in the top 10% of her high school class, Annie pursued an undergraduate degree from the University of Houston in Communications.  She focused on public relations and advertising, and also earned a minor in mathematics.  After graduation from UH, she spent more than 8 years in the software industry teach both in the classroom and online.  She learned early on in her career that she was most comfortable when she was teaching others.  In fact, she enjoys public speaking so much that she does it as often as she can.  During a rough time in her life, she took the opportunity to leave everything she had behind and go for her dreams:  she packed up and moved across the country to earn a Master of Science in Space Studies.  Upon graduation, Annie hopes to spend the rest of her life imparting the knowledge she has learned to the public, in hopes of inspiring the next Einstein or Sagan.


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